Parent evening: Mental Health Demystified May 2

Seeking help for mental health challenges, either for your child or your family members, can be daunting. Many people are intimidated by the stigma and isolation that can come with mental health issues. When you or another member of your family is struggling, do you know where to start?

Our school counsellor, Sarah Bourdon, will provide information around how to access the public mental health system, how to find a counselling service, counsellor, or psychologist, and how to create a “mental health first aid kit” for your family. Our Vice Principal, Cheryl Rolston, will offer a personal account of her journey as a parent to find mental health support for her children.

Several local mental health services will be in attendance to provide resources and answer questions.

Representatives will be present from Family Smart, VIHA Healthy Schools nurse, Foundry, and Boys and Girls Club

Presenters: Sarah Bourdon, RCC, Elementary Counsellor, Quadra Elementary School


Thursday, May 2  6:00-7:30