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Spring Break

March 17 - April 3

Good Friday

March 30


April 1

Easter Monday

April 2

School reopens

April 4

Spring Break on it’s way… March 17-April 3

Spring is making it’s presence felt, with cherry blossoms and bulbs coming up all over our school yard!  Students and staff will take a long-awaited break from school, starting Saturday March 17th and ending Tuesday April 3rd.  Classes will recommence on Wednesday, April 4th.  Enjoy your time together as a… Read more

Welcome to Quadra

ÉCOLE QUADRA SCHOOL is a vibrant, diverse community of Kindergarten to Grade 5 English and French Immersion learners. Our mission statement—to meet the needs of all students within a safe and caring environment—is played out every day as we strive to provide the best education possible for your children.

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