Our Programs

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer most of our clubs and teams to students.

Sponsor: Allen Reynolds, Amber Stewart, Angela LaPlante
Grade levels: 3,4,5 boys and girls
Place: music classroom
Times: Tuesday lunch hour all year

Cross-Country Team
Grade levels:  3,4,5 Place:  Topaz Park and Quadra Sc
hool for practices.  See “useful forms” to download permission form. 
Parents must arrange rides or drive children to meets.  
Spring Cross Country dates and locations to be confirmed.
Soccer Club
Sponsor:   Grade levels: 4,5 
Place:  gym and school field
Times:  October, November during lunch hours on Mondays and Wednesday.  Wrap-up with a soccer jamboree for all Reynolds family of schools at the Braefoot Turf. Date to come.
Basketball Club
Sponsor: TBAGrade levels: 5Place: gymTimes:  January, February during lunch hours.  Wrap-up with a basketball jamboree for all Reynolds family of schools in the Doncaster school gym to take place in February.
Floor Hockey Club
Sponsor: Grade levels: 4,5
Place:  gym
Times:  February, March during lunch hours.  Wrap-up with a floor hockey jamboree for all Reynolds family of schools in the Cedar Hill middle school gym
Swim Club
Sponsor: Suzannah McKee
Grade: 3,4,5
Place: Crystal Pool
Time: 2- 6 week sessions, fall and spring for grade 4 and 5s.    Fall:  Oct and November –  Thursdays.
Rugby Team
Grade: 4-5
Place: Quadra outdoor field
Time:  April, May after school.  Times 3:00-4:00,Track and Field Team
Grade: 3-5
Time:  April, May during lunch hours.  Wrap-up with district zone meet on May 21st and city finals on May 28th, both at UVic.

Writing Club
Grades:  1-5
Times:  Thursday lunch hours, all year.

Games Group
Sponsor:  Susannah McKee
Grades:  by invitation
Place:  Library
Times:  Mondays lunch hours, all year

Chess Club
Sponsors:  Rob Crawford

Drum Circle
Allen Reynolds