Our Programs


Sponsor: Emily Pollet, Amber Stewart, Angela Laplante

Grade levels: 3,4,5 boys and girls

Place: music classroom
Times: Tuesday lunch hour all year
Sponsor: TBA
Grade levels: 5
Place: music classroom
Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:55-4:00    NOT YET BEGINNING 
Cross-Country Team
Sponsor:  Beth Achtem, Cheryl Rolston
Grade levels:  3,4,5 Place:  Topaz Park and Quadra School for practices.  See “useful forms” to download permission form. 
Parents must arrange rides or drive children to meets.  Email Cheryl at crolston@sd61.bc.ca  if you need help finding your child a ride. 
Meets:  Dates to be announced
Finals take place at Beacon Hill Park, from 1:00-2:30.   Athletes will be bussed to and from the event. Dates to come.
Soccer Club
Sponsor:  Beth Achtem Grade levels: 4,5  Place:  gym and school fieldTimes:  October, November during lunch hours on Mondays and Wednesday.  Wrap-up with a soccer jamboree for all Reynolds family of schools at the Braefoot Turf

Basketball Club

Sponsor: TBA

Grade levels: 5

Place: gym

Times:  January, February during lunch hours.  Wrap-up with a basketball jamboree for all Reynolds family of schools in the Doncaster school gym

Floor Hockey Club

Sponsor: Ryan Stevenson

Grade levels: 4,5

Place:  gym

Times:  February, March during lunch hours.  Wrap-up with a floor hockey jamboree for all Reynolds family of schools in the Cedar Hill middle school gym

 Swim Club

Sponsor: Suzannah McKee

Grade: 3,4,5

Place: Crystal Pool

Time: 2- 6 week sessions, fall and spring for grade 4 and 5s.    Fall:  Oct and November –  Thursdays.

Rugby Team 

Sponsor: Ryan Stevenson and TBA

Grade: 4-5

Place: Quadra outdoor field

Time:  April, May after school.  Times 3:00-4:00,

Track and Field Team

Sponsor:  Cheryl Rolston, Beth Acthem, Jessie Morrasut, and Jeanette Lesiuk

Grade: 3-5


Time:  April, May during lunch hours.  Wrap-up with district and city finals.

Writing Club

Sponsor: Jane Senese

Grades:  1-5

Place:  Mme Senese’s classroom

Times:  Thursday lunch hours, all year.

Games Group

Sponsor:  Susannah McKee

Grades:  by invitation

Place:  Library

Times:  Mondays lunch hours, all year

Chess Club

Sponsors:  Tina Ng, Claire Calder

Drum Circle

Emily Pollet, Kimara Brilling

Writing club

Sponsor:  Jane Senese