PAC Volunteer Opportunities

We are still in need of volunteers for the Loonie Emporium.  Please take a look and use the sign-up sheets so we can track.  All volunteers at the school are required to be double-vaccinated and shifts are in 2-hour increments.  We request you look and see where you can help out, the more helping hands the lighter the workload for all and it will make for a resounding success for our students.

Prep for Loonie Emporium <—– Click here to sign up
Various tasks leading up to the event

School-day Donation Collections <—– Click here to sign up
December 8-10
8:50AM-9:10AM or 2:35PM-2:50PM

Weekend Donation Drive  <—– Click here to sign up
December 11
10AM-12PM or 12PM-2PM

Weekend Setup <—– Click here to sign up
December 12
10AM-12PM, 12PM-2PM or 2PM-4PM

Loonie Emporium Helpers<—– Click here to sign up
December 13
9-11, 11-1, 1-3

We appreciate everyone taking the time to support the students when they can and look forward to an incredible fundraiser.
Your PAC Executive